Colouring Page - Example

‘With Fabric and Threads’ Newsletter 2019

Colouring Page - Example
Colouring Page – Example

Hello and welcome to my website. Of all the millions of website out there, you have found your way to my little corner of the world. Thank you, it means a lot to me:) Grab a ‘cuppa’, have a look around and enjoy:).

Just a very brief overview about me… I love Patchwork and Quilting, Cross Stitch and Blackwork Embroidery. I also love Tangled Line Art, Zentangle and Acrylic Pouring. Not surprisingly, this site, ‘With Fabric and Threads’, will cover Cross Stitch, Blackwork and Patchwork/Quilting a little further down the track.  You are also welcome to head over to my Tangled Line Art website and  view my Galleries page to see  more on Tangled Line Art, Zentangle and Acrylic Pouring. Well, that’s about enough on me for now 🙂 I did say it was brief….

As my free gift to you, head down to the bottom of this page to download your copy on my 30 FREE Blackwork Filler patterns. Please note that these patterns are for your personal use only and are Copyright to Bev Donohoe and ‘With Fabic and Threads’.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know about the ‘With Fabric and Threads’ Newsletter for 2019.

I will be posting a Newsletter Monthly (‘ish) giving an overview of website updates, a direct link to new blog posts, info about new pattern releases, a trickle of info about updates on and other odds and sods that I think you may find interesting.

Subscribers to my newsletter will receive a free downloadable Colouring page each month. Subscribers will also receive 5 free downloadable Blackwork Filler Patterns with each newsletterColouring page designs will be based on quilt block patterns. Some will be quite complex, others, not so complex. Blackwork filler patterns will also vary from simple to complex – something to suit everyone.

The image at the left shows one of many possible ways to colour this page. Just 5 solid colours have been used here.

What Can You Do With Your Download?

Subscribe to the newsletter now and print and colour your own copy of this page. Print it on watercolour paper, textured paper, smooth paper – the choice is yours! You could also print it on fine transparent paper and use it as a collage element in a journal page. Then there’s the option of printing on fabric – now that’s a thought! What could you do with that?

Colour your page as simply or as complex as your heart desires. Use just a few colours, use multiple colours, use shading and blending. What medium do you prefer to use? Coloured pencil, watercolour pencils, markers, pastel pencils – the choice is yours:)

You can subscribe to the ‘With Fabric and Threads’ Newsletter here.

'Mystery' Quilt Block - Cross-Stitch-Pattern - Completed
‘Mystery’ Quilt Block – Cross-Stitch-Pattern – Completed

2018 Newsletter Overview

Over the last 12 months or so, current subscribers to the ‘With Fabric And Threads’ Newsletter have received a free ‘Mystery’ BOM Cross Stitch Quilt Block pattern each month. They have also received 5  free Blackwork Filler patterns with each monthly newsletter. The finished design is shown at the left. Off course, subscribers  are welcome to stitch the design in whatever colour combinations they prefer:) You can read more about the free ‘Mystery’ BOM Cross Stitch Quilt Block pattern here.

To my current subscribers, I would love, love, love to see your works in progress. No need to be shy 🙂 Please feel free to send me pictures of your embroideries to date. I would love to be able to post some ‘works in progress’ on my website. If you would prefer I don’t post your images on my website, just let me know and I will not post them. Now, I know life ‘happens’ to all of us as well:) If you have only just started your embroidery, that’s great as well, I would love to see your progress.


Download your copy of my 30 FREE Blackwork Filler Patterns for personal use now 🙂


To subscribe to my Newsletter, click on the ‘Subscribe’ Button at the top of my website or on the link above.

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With Fabric and Threads Newsletter 2019

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