My Favourite Sites

The following is a list of sites that I visit regularly. They fall into two broad categories of creative pursuits that I am equally passionate about.

“Fabric and Fibre – Includes Patchwork and Quilting, Hand Embroidery, Dressmaking and Knitting.

“Art and Drawing” – Includes Tangled Line Art, Zentangle, Abstract Art and Spirograph 🙂

As there is a significant overlap between the two categories, at least from my point of view, I have included both lists on this site.
There are multiple times when working in one area generates ideas for the other area e.g. Quilting blocks are a significant starting point for Tangled Line Art pieces.

The following images are two simple table runners, each runner is built on the same quilt block. The difference is in the fabrics used (obviously:) and the placement and/or weight of the different colours in the fabrics and the rotation of the pieces. I could use this simple block as a basis for a Tangled Line Art piece. It would be interesting to see how obvious the quilt block would (or wouldn’t be?). If I did two Tangled Line Art pieces based on the same block, would they be the same or completely different?

Runner 1Runner 2

What about creating zentangle pieces and printing them onto fabric. Add some foil to give the zentangle some ‘sparkle’, cut the printed fabric into ‘largish’ pieces to feature in a simple quilt block. Hey presto! a table runner or a wall hanging 🙂

I will update these lists periodically and a bit further down the track, I plan to launch a second site that will concentrate more specifically on the “Fabric and Fibre” components of my creative pursuits.

Until then, I encourage you to visits some of these sites and grow your ‘creative wings’.

Fabric and Fibre SitesArt and Drawing Sites
The Quilt ShowJulie Fei-Fan Balzer
Machine Quilting UnlimitedThe Abundant Artist
Quilting Arts MagazineThe Virtual Instructor
Quilt ArtArt to 5th
Susan Carlson QuiltsCarolyn Dube
Twelve By TwelveRoben-Marie Smith
The Quilting SchoolWillowing Arts
InterweaveTangle Patterns
Blank QuilitngDirty Footprints
RJR FabricsThe Creative Bug
Electric QuiltLesley Riley
Fractal Art QuiltsCraft Daily
Katie Pasquini MasopaustCreate Jigsaw Puzzles
Quilt Blocks GaloreSchulman Art


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