Shape Shifter Quilts

Shape Shifter - Yellow
Shape Shifter – Yellow

A couple of years back, I commited to follow through on a project to create a series of quilts based on Natalia Bonner’s  Ruler Quilt A Block A Day’ for 12 months. I purchased the rulers and whilst waiting for the rulers to arrive from USA to Australia, I also wanted to make each of the quilt tops in a monochromatic colour way using my ‘stash’ of fabric, except for the background fabric. I would need to make 7 quilts to be able to complete this project. I would also need to create 20 or so quilting ideas for the last blocks of the 7th quilt. For each of these quilts, I wanted to use a different free motion pattern for the backgrounds.

I completed these quilts and then decided ‘7’ was an odd number for a series. So, I decided to make another 2 quilts for a total of 9 quilts.  For each of these quilts, I would need to create new designs for each block. Whilst ‘9’ is still an odd number, as a quilter, I associate ‘9’ with a traditional 9 patch block. I’m happy with that:)

I’m really happy with the final quilts and am now formally addicted to ruler quilting 🙂

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