Smaller Quilts and Runners

Dimensional Runner 28 x 56
Dimensional 28 x 56
Cubed 42 x 64
Cubed 42 x 64

Many of the quilts in this gallery are small quilts and/or runners that I have made to illustrate a specific technique.

There is a set of 3 runners made from exactly the same very simple pattern but it isn’t immediately obvious. Different parts of the blocks are emphasized by the fabrics used. This simple technique gives the runner a completely different look. There are a couple of wall hangings where I have use completed cross stitch pieces as the centre of a quilt block. I have added borders to these pieces to make them into ‘blocks’. From there, I have combined the embroidered blocks into a wall hanging. There are a couple of ‘panel’ quilts and physically three dimensional samples. There is also a visually three dimensional quilt, a candlewick panel, some gingham place mats and a miniature quilt.

I love the three dimensional panel on the left. The three dimensional effect is created by the correct placement of the fabric colours. The placement is based on the ‘weight’ of each colour, in relation to each other.

The quilt ‘Cubed’ on the right is more of a throw quilt from the perspective of size. The three dimensional effect is created using the placement of colour. If you look at each cube, you will see that the top of each cube is the lightest colour, the right side of the quilt is a ‘medium’ weight and the left side of the cube is the darkest colour.

Smaller Quilts and Runners Gallery