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Welcome to ‘With Fabric and Threads’ Newsletters.

I love Patchwork and Quilting, Cross Stitch, Blackwork Embroidery and Tangled Line Art. What is ‘Tangled Line Art’ I hear you ask? In a nutshell, Tangled Line Art is geometric art created  by integrating parabolic curves within a geometric outline utilising quilt blocks as a base for the designs. Head over to my Tangled Line Art website and  view my Galleries page to see the variety of designs possible.

I will be posting a Newsletter Monthly (‘ish) giving and overview of website updates, a direct link to new blog posts, info about new pattern releases, a trickle of info about updates on and other odds and sods that I think you may find interesting.

A Little Background About The Concept Behind Your Free Patterns On Subscription to The Newsletter

Quilitng and Hand Embroidery can both be ‘much loved’ and at the same time very ‘time intensive’. Within the quilting world, there is a very popular quilting format lovingly known as ‘BOM’ i.e. ‘Block of the Month’. In broad terms, a quilt top is created by combining individual quilt ‘blocks’. A ‘BOM’ quilt is a format whereby Quilters subscribe to ‘BOM’ offers (either paid or free). After subscription, subcribers will generally receive an oveview of the finished product (size, fabrics required etc) along with the pattern and instructions for the first ‘block’. Thereafter, on a monthly basis, they will receive the next block pattern and instructions until all bocks and instructions have been received. Finally, instructions will be forwarded on how to put the ‘blocks’ together to finish the quilt top and how to finish the quilt .

Another popular quilting format within the world of quilting in a ‘BOM Mystery’ quilt. This format differs from a standard ‘BOM’ in that you don’t know what the final quilt top will look like 🙂 As with a standard ‘BOM’, you are given a general overview of what to expect e.g. design style, finished size, fabrics required etc. Makes it very interesting and a lot of fun 🙂

Your Free Patterns 🙂

Subscribers to my newsletter will receive a free downloadable Cross Stitch Quilt Block pattern monthly for the first 12 months of your subscription (12 free patterns in total). The patterns provided are suitable for beginners to more experienced stitchers. Each pattern could be a completed small cross stitch by itself or they can be combined into a larger piece over a 12 month period.

'Mystery' Quilt Block - Cross Stitch Pattern - Block 1
‘Mystery’ Quilt Block – Cross Stitch Pattern – Block 1

The free cross stitch patterns follow the format of a ‘Mystery BOM’.

Each month, you will receive a new Cross Stitch block pattern. Each pattern will be based on a different quilt block. The same colour scheme is used throughout . Please feel free to use your own colour scheme to suit your decor or if you simply don’t like the colours I have chosen. You won’t hurt my feelings, so please, use your favourite colours:)

The finished size of each block (stitched on the same count fabric) will be the same. Each block is 40 x 40 stitches. The finished size of each block is between 2″ square and 3″ square. The finished size will vary depending on the size of the fabric you have stitched your design on.  Full details of completed block size, completed full design size and threads used in the pattern are provided in your downloads.

When Do I receive My First Pattern?

Your will receive your first pattern upon confirmation of your subscription to the newsletter.

The first newsletter will be published in the first week of February 2018. The pattern for each subsequent block will be available for download in each newsletter. Download links to previously published patterns will also be available in each newsletter.

If you have joined my mailing list after e.g. Block 4 has been published and made available for download, you will still be able to download all patterns for the previous blocks. You won’t miss out on any of the patterns 🙂

…..and don’t be shy, I would love to see photos of your completed blocks 🙂

Please feel free to email with your photos, thoughts, comments etc. to

Thank you for subscribing.

Enjoy 🙂


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