Acrylic Pour 20

Acrylic Pour 20 - Framed
Acrylic Pour 20 – Framed

I love, love, love the overall calming muted colours in Acrylic Pour 20. The added ‘pop’ of the unexpected magenta, really brings this pattern to life.

As with my other Acrylic Pour cross stitch patterns, this design is ‘complex’ in that it does use many colours of thread. On the other hand, it only uses full cross stitches. There are no fractional stitches and no backstitch.

I also think of these patterns as being very ‘forgiving’. What do I mean by that?  Whilst it may be considered that the large number of colours used in this design could be challenging, that very same fact is one of the reasons I feel makes it ‘forgiving’. Couple this with the ‘abstractness’, is that even a word 🙂 of the design and it does become quite forgiving. If you do make an error and add a few stitches here and there in a colour that is different to what is in the pattern, who is going to know? Certainly not any admirer of the finished stitching and I really don’t think you, as the stitcher, will know where you made the error before too long:)

The images show on the right are partial images of the actual key and chart for this design. The key shows you the finished size of the stitching on several counts of fabric. You can also see the number of threads used in the design. The partial chart image shows the clarity of the pattern. As this is a downloadable file, you are welcome to print out as many copies of the file (for your own personal use) as required. Why not print out two copies. Keep one as a ‘good’ copy’ and the other to mark off stitches as they are worked. This may help you to keep a track of where you are up to.

Download your copy now directly from my Etsy store here.

Visit my Cross Stitch Acrylic Pour Gallery here to see the full range of ‘Acrylic Pour’ patterns currently available.

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Love the ‘abstractness’ – there’s that word again, of acrylic pour designs. I have a wide range of Acrylic Pour designs in my gallery here at my Tangled Line Art website. These designs, along with my othere Tangled Line Art designs are available on a wide range of customisable products on my online stores at Fine Art America, Red Bubble and Create Jigsaw Puzzles.

Acrylic Pour 20

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