Sailing Ship
Sailing Ship

The Wattle tapestry in this gallery is the first tapestry I ever did. I picked it up in the morning and remember thinking that I would go home and finish this tonight. Then I was going to get it framed the next day 🙂.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

I obviously did get it finished and framed but it took a whole lot longer than I thought it would. So much so that my first thought after finishing the embroidery was ‘never again’! Obviously, I was wrong there as well….

There were, of course, other tapestries in that series. I purchased, completed and framed those to complete that set. Then, I challenged myself to do ‘something bigger’ and then completed another half a dozen or so larger tapestries. Some are framed, some not. I also completed a handful of ‘long stitch’ tapestries. These are much quicker to finish.


I still have one really large traditional tapestry on my ‘to do’ list. On my ‘retirement to do list’.



Framed Tapestries Gallery

Unframed Tapestry Gallery