My Quilts

The below gallery shows a range of the quilts I have made since my love of Patchwork and Quilting began some 20 years ago. I currently have about another 25 quilt tops completed and waiting for me to quilt them. These quilts cover a wide range of different techniques, some are quilts made for my Patchwork and Quilting teaching certificate. The remainder have been made to try out new ideas, for family and simply because I love patchwork and quilting. I am currently embarking on a quest to use my stash and to improve my free motion and ruler quilting skills. OK, I may have to buy a few more fabrics here and there, mainly backgrounds to complete these quilts 🙂

Dots and Dashes Quilt 56 x 56
Dots and Dashes 56 x 56

The majority of the quilts in this series will be comparatively simple in design to leave more negative space to showcase the  quilting.  One such quilt is ‘Dots and Dashes’. This was completed in December 2023. With this quilt, I specifically wanted to create an ‘on-point’ quilting design in contrast to the traditional block layout of the quilt top. Double click on the image to bring up a full size image to see the detail of the quilting on this quilt.



Whole Cloth Quilts

Free Motion Quilting Quilt 34 x 40
Free Motion Quilting 34 x 40

A few years back, I purchased  meters of PFD fabrics (prepared for dye). I cut this into a meter or so lengths and then ‘ice-dyed’ each piece in a range of different colours. I am treating these as ‘whole cloth quilts’ and  trying to come up with different ideas on how to quilt them. The quilt shown at the right, that I have imaginatively called ‘Free Motion Quilting’ 🙂 is one of these quilts. I will come up with a name for this quilt, somewhere along the way 🙂

I have also completed a series of quilts based on Natalia Bonner’s ‘Machine Quilting a Block A Day’ series. You can see these quilts and read more about them here.


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