Four Squared - Blackwork

Four Squared

Four Squared - Blackwork
Four Squared – Blackwork

‘Four Squared’ – my most recently completed Blackwork design.

At first glance, the pattern may appear to be quite complex, however, in reality, it isn’t all that complex. It is comprised of a total of 6 different ‘filler patterns’ two of which are shown at the right. The individual patterns themselves are not difficult to complete.  Some patterns are repeated in different colours in different sections of the design and some patterns are ‘flipped’ at 90 degrees to fit the line of the pattern.


I have also included a few individual ‘motifs’ in a couple of areas of the design.

Please feel free to use your preferred colours – there is no need to keep to the colours I have chosen for this design.

The copmplete pattern is available for purchase and immediate download here at my Etsy Shop along with a range of Cross Stitch patterns and a Blackwork Sampler pattern.

Be warned ……’Blackwork’ can become quite addictive 🙂 When I became ‘addicted’, I was forever on the lookout for more ‘filler patterns’.

To help in your quest for ‘filler patterns’, download your copy of 30 FREE Filler patterns here. To add to these patterns, subscribe to my Newsletter and receive an additional 5 FREE filler patterns available for immediate download in your monthly newsletter. The newsletter is published in the first week of each month.

I hope you enjoy looking are my site and hope you find something that interests you. Why not take a look at my Tangled Line Art site? Here, I delve into, well, ‘Tangled Line Art’:). Not too sure what that is? Take a peek, it isn’t too long a trip.


Four Squared

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