Spoonflower is a site where artists are able to upload their work to be sold on a range of fabrics, wallpaper and a range of home decor items. Up until the end of 2023, if an artist wanted to have their designs made available for sale to the public, they were required to purchase ‘swatches’ to colour proof prior to the designs being made available for purchase. There was a variety of ways you could purchase your ‘swatches’. You wern’t required to buy large pieces of fabrics. I went for the ‘Fill A Yard’ style where you could select a range of your patterns to be printed on a yard of fabric. That way, I could get enough fabric to  be able to use collectively, at a reasonable price. I didn’t want to just ‘leave them somewhere’ never to be seen again 🙂

With this in mind, I made two quilts, both with a selection of my fabrics. One quilt was made with a light background, the other with a dark back ground. The background fabric in both these quilts are not my fabrics, however, the remainder of the fabrics in both quilts are fabrics that I have designed.

Quilting Rulers

Buttonholes 63 x 82
Buttonholes 63 x 82
Topsy Turvey 57 x 66

Over a period of time, I have purchased a good range of quilting rulers. I wanted to use these quilts to showcase my fabrics and to practice my ruler work and free motion quilting.

‘Buttonholes’ has a variety of  quilting designs. I didn’t have a plan as to what I would quilt where when I started the quilting. I simply started in the middle, quilted one ‘buttonhole’ and then moved on to the next. Essentially I decided qhat to quilt as I progressed with the quilting. A key considertion as I was deciding on ‘what to quilt where’ was the size of the ruler I wanted to use in relation to the size of the space I was quilting in. Other than that, my main objective was to use as many of my rulers as I was able.



I didn’t want to fall into the trap of buying the rulers and being too afraid to use them. I also didn’t want to leave them sitting around to gather dust 🙁

If you would like to purchase some of my designs on fabric and/or wallpaper, please visit my Spoonflower shop here.