Carry Bags

Cutting Mat - Carry Bag
Cutting Mat – Carry Bag


When I was working towards my teaching certificate in patchwork and quilting, I had to complete a variety of quilts in a range of different styles. Once completed, these needed to be presented for assessment. I decided to make a series of carry bags to present the completed quilts in. These bags were all the same size and quite simple to make (quilted, off course). Me being me, I had to add a hand embroidered tag to each bag:)

The first 6 of these bags shown below are all the above ‘Quilt Carry Bags” and the associated tags. Each bag measures approx 15 x 18 x 7.


Other Bags

I like making bags jus for the heck of it as well. The cutting mat bag at left, was made specifically to carry a cutting mat, along with other essentials, to workshops. A range of other bags I have made are shown in the ‘Other Bags Gallery’ below. In addition, I have a number of patterns  for other bags to be made in due course 🙂

As well as being fun to make, making a bag is also an opportunity to try out new ideas and or techniques. It also give you the opportunity to try out a new technique and finish a small project. It isn’t always wise nor practical to  make a ‘quilt’ when trying out a new technique.


Quilt Bags and Tags


Other Carry Bags