Acrylic Pour Cross Stitch Gallery

Over the coming months, I will be creating a series of Acrylic Pour cross stitch patterns. These patterns will be based on Acrylic Pour designs that I have created for my Tangled Line Art website here. To see the full range of Acrylic Pour art designs to date, please visit my Acrylic Pour Gallery here. There are approximately 150 Acrylic Pour designs at the time of writing this post. So, will I be creating a Cross Stitch pattern for each of them ?

The short answer to that is No:) These patterns are complex in the number of colours of threads used, but to counter that, there are no fractional stitches or backstitch in the patterns. Along with that, as an added bonus, if you us a wrong thread colour here an there, who is going to notice? Certainly not me:) and I can’t imagine anyone else, not even the stitcher will notice:)

I will be creating a series of a dozen or so Acrylic Pour cross patterns progressively. All current and future patterns will be available for purchase in my Etsy store here.

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Please enjoy these patterns.