Blocks and Borders



My ‘Blocks and Borders’ patterns are a result of my love of Cross Stitch and Blackwork embroidery. I have been a fan of  ‘counted thread’ hand embroidery for many years. There are many different types of counted thread hand embroidery. The two that I love most are Cross Stitch and Blackwork.  I have been designing a range of  Cross Stitch and Blackwork embroideries for some time now. More recently, I have been combining both Cross Stitch and Blackwork resulting in my newest series, ‘Blocks and Borders’ is born. In a nutshell, the Cross Stitch component is based on quilting blocks. The ‘quilting blocks’ are interspersed with blackwork ‘borders’.

This embroidery of a cathedral is a blackwork embroidery, I completed many years ago. This has yet to be framed. It is not one of my patterns. From memory, this pattern was published in Cross Stitch Australia many years ago. Traditionally, blackwork was worked in black thread only. The density of the blackwork pattern was used to create ‘light and shade’ in the embroidery. Now, it is still worked in black thread only as well as any other colour thread you choose. The basis of the density of the pattern to create ‘light and shade’ is the cornerstone of creating the type of embroidery.

This embroidery is also in my ‘Orphan Embroideries’ Gallery. Technically, it comes under the WIP (i.e. Work In Progress) category 🙂 Maybe, maybe not? as the actual embroidery itself is finished. I’ll let you be the judge of that 🙂

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Enjoy 🙂