Applique Cushion 20 x 20
Applique Cushion 20 x 20

Not surprisingly, cushions are another favourite way to finish a project, whether it be an embroidery project and/or a quilting project. I have completed both embroidery and smaller quilting projects using this format. If I am making a cushion as the finished product, I like to use the front to feature the ’embroidery’  or ‘patchwork panel’ but I also like to add some interest on the back as well. This  needs to be ‘in keeping’ with the front of the cushion. A couple of the cushions in this gallery show both the back and front of the cushion. The back of the cushion to the left is shown in the gallery below.

Back and Front of Cushions

I have added pictures of both the front and the back of the cushions that I completed  most recently. Most recently meaning in the last 15 years or so :). If there isn’t an image of the back of the cushion, it is because it is just the back of the cushion with a zip and or buttons. The zip/buttons may be offset i.e. a third of the way across the back and not in the centre. These cushions would have been made many years ago.  I then realised that I could ‘add interest’ to the back of the cushion as well as the front. From that point forward, I specifically looked at how I could add interest to the backs of the cushions.

The other possibilty is that I have given the cushion away and didn’t take a photo of the back before I gave it away 🙂


Cushion Gallery