Progressing My Machine Quilting

Ruler Quilting 27 x 40
Ruler Quilting 27 x 40

Over the years since I have been quilting, I have always quilted  all my quilts. I started off, as is quite common, with the standard meander free motion quilting. That was followed by a basic loop meander and as my confidence grew, I ventured into trying more and more free motion quilting. Eventually, I talked myself into trying free motion feathers and (very timidly) tried my hand at some standard free motion feathers. My ‘feathers’ aren’t as bad as I thought they might be so I was encouraged to continue to practice them. I’m still practicing ‘feathers’ and have tried a fair range of feather variations. They are improving and I will continue on this venture:)

Along the way, I have also purchased a large number of quilting rulers. In an effort to specifically not fall into the trap of being ‘too scared’ to use them, I have made a point of creating at least a couple of dozen quilt tops from my stash.


The idea is three fold -:

        • to use my stash
        • specifically use my quilting rulers to come up with a wide range of  quilting designs and
        • become more confident in ruler quilting.

I will also combine free motion quilting  within these quilts as well.

If you double-click on the above image, it will bring up a larger image where you will be able to see the quilting in detail.

The quilts in the below galleries are my efforts to date in this venture.

My Machine Quilted Quilt Gallery


Shape Shifter Quilts