Bargello Quilts

Optical llusion - 36 x 36
Optical llusion – 36 x 36

Bargello quilts are created by sewing long strips of fabric together, usually in a sequence of graduation of ‘weight of colour’ e.g light to dark. The strips are then stitched together to form a tube. The tubes of fabric are subsequently recut into varying widths as defined in the pattern. These strips are then stitched backed together in an off-set pattern. The final patchwork created the optical illusion of waves ebbing, flowing and interlocking.

The fabric chosen are predominantly stitched together in a graduation of colour e.g. from light to ark. This graduation of colour helps in the creating the three dimensional effect.

These quilts can be very simple in design or quite complex. Either way, they are not as difficult to make as one might think.

This below gallery shows some of the bargello quilts I have made.

‘Optical Illusions’ is a quilt I made from fabrics purchased in Canberra whilst revisiting my daughter and (at the time), my first grand daughter.


Bargello Quilt Gallery