Orphan Embroideries

Blackwork Block
Blackwork Block

As the name suggests, these embroideries are a range of embroideries where the embroidery itself has been completed but the presentation hasn’t been actioned, i.e it hasn’t been framed, hung made into a book cover or box cover etc. Again, there are a range of embroideries from quite small to quite significant. The more significant embroideries deserve to be framed. Hopefully I will be able to do that somewhere down the track. Unfortunately, framing can be quite costly 🙁 I have thought about combining the smaller ones in a quilt. As yet though, I haven’t thought of a way to do this so that they look like they were meant to be. I don’t want it to look like ‘ a bunch of random embroideries that were just thrown together’.

If you are a quilter, I am sure you would be aware of the terminology of ‘orphan blocks’. If not, orphan blocks are blocks that were made for a specific quilt but didn’t make it into that quilt. I think of these ’embroideries’ in the same context. I am playing with the idea of making the smaller embroideries into a quilt block and then creating a quilt out of them.

Anyway, that’s a project for another day:)

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