Full Size Classical Composer Cross Stitch Gallery

Hello and welcome to my Classical Composer (Full Size) Cross Stitch Gallery. There is a bit of a background story on how this series of patterns came about on the Intro page to my Etsy Shop here so I won’t repeat myself here.

As an overview though and in an effort to be clear…

  • Each Composer is available as a Full Size pattern in four modern colour-ways in the one pattern.
  • Each Composer is also available as a Half Size pattern in four monochromatic colour-ways in the one pattern.

Complete cross stitch instructions are included with each pattern.

Just beginning Cross Stitch – Hello and Welcome to the world of Cross Stitching. Why not try one, or two, of the Half Size patterns. It is much easier than you think and very very rewarding once you half completed a piece.

A warning though – it is very addictive 🙂

Each colour-way of each Composer is shown individually in the Gallery. Please be assured that there are four colour-ways included in each pattern as detailed above.

I will be adding many more ‘Composers’ to this series, in both the Full Size and Half Size progressively. These will be inter-dispersed with other Cross Stitch and/or Blackwork patterns, so stay tuned.