Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

‘Spinning Wheel’ is a Blackwork design based on one of the blocks utilised in my most recent Tangled Line Art piece ‘Jigsaw’. ‘Jigsaw’ was completed about a week or so again. Jigsaw utilises four different quilt block outlines as a basis for the completed piece.

'Jigsaw' block showing outlined components for 'Spinning Wheel'<br /> filler patterns.
B. ‘Jigsaw’ block showing outlined components for ‘Spinning Wheel’
filler patterns.
Close Up of Block in 'Jigsaw' Tangled Line Art design.
A. Close Up of Block in ‘Jigsaw’ Tangled Line Art design.

As I was drawing ‘Jigsaw’, my eye was continually drawn back to the ‘block’ of the design shown A. at the right. It keep calling to me. It was telling me that I needed to do ‘something’  in embroidery with the 3D trianglular shape within that block.  Mind you, I wasn’t too sure what that ‘something’ was supposed to be at the time :). In time though, Spinnig Wheel became the end result.

I have outlined the components of the block in green at B. right, to distinguish the components of the Blackwork Filler Patterns within the ‘Spinning Wheel’ pattern.

A Couple of Filler Patterns

There are only 4 different filler patterns in this design in total, two of which are pictured on the left. Each filler patern is repeated in several areas. When repeating the same filler patterns, ou will find that you remember how to work them relatively quickly:)

Don’t forget to add these filler patterns to your growing collection to use with future designs to to add to your own blackwork designs.

Not surprisingly for me, I have also made a magnetic jigsaw available of ‘Jigsaw’ over at my custom jigsaw shop here. This one isn’t too large, just 500 pieces but I am sure it will still be a bit of a challenge.

To purchase the blackwork embroidery pattern for ‘Spinning Wheel’ head over to my With Fabric and Threads Etsy Shop. It will be available for immediate download after purchase. No need to wait – start your new project immediately:)

….and please, keep sending in those ‘work in progress’ pictures.




Spinning Wheel

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