Lily - Framed
Lily – Framed

Say ‘Hello’ to Lily, my newest Blackwork pattern:) Lily is based on a traditional quilting block. I have always loved geometrics – though not from a mathematical point of view. Yes, I did geometry at school and understood it, but for me, I love geometrics from a symmetry and organisational point of view.

Traditional pieced patchwork blocks, of which there are thousands, and counting…. are a typical example. When you consider that all these blocks are only a combination of basic geometric shapes, you begin to see and appreciate the endless creative possibiliites of this one component of patchwork and quilting. The shapes are divided, sub-divided, moved about and re-arranged 🙂 Then they are joined in small groups, rejoined in to larer components and then into ‘blocks’. For the most part, blocks are square – another basic geometric shape. ‘Blocks’ are then joined into …endless combinations to create ‘quilt tops’ and then finished into quilts.

A common question that quilteres get is ‘Why do we cut up perfectly good fabric into little pieces, just to join them back together agin into one ‘large’ piece of fabric i.e. ‘the quilt top’? 🙂

The answers to that question are wide and varied.

For me, it is simply the joy and satisfacton of  the process  of ‘creating something’ with my own hands 🙂

More about ‘Lily’….

Ahh, but I digress… now back to ‘Lily’.

Partial Pattern
Partial Pattern

Lily was created using just four colours and four blackwork filler patterns. For a simple way to vary the pattern, simply choose to work the design in your coice of colours. The image above shows one possible way of framing Lily. Of course, like all things creative, there are multiple other different possibilities of how Lily could be framed. Each possibilities would give yet a different look and feel.

The finished stitched area is approximately 6″ x 6″ depending on the size of the fabric you choose to stitch your design on. For reference, the finished size of the stitched area is given for four different fabric counts. Some of the filler patterns in this design utilise ‘half stitches’  so are a little more complex to stitch. This project would suit a confident beginner upwards.

The image at the right shows a close up of a portion of the chart.

Lily is now available for download on my Etsy store here.

Blackwork Not Your Thing?

Perhaps Blackwork isn’t you preferred embroidery, perhaps you prefer cross stitch. Your are also abvle to purchase a range of cross stitch patterns at my Etsy store here. At the moment, I am working on a Great Composer series of Cross Stitch patterns. Each composer is available in two size and four differnet colourways in each size.

My personal love affair with all things ‘fabric and threads’ creative began with cross stitch. From there it branched out into all forms of hand embroidery, with a bias towards ‘counted’ forms of embroidery and then to patchwork and quilting.

What is your creative story? Do you prefer to work in the one creative area or do you have multiple creative interests?

Send to an email and tell me about your story. I love ‘creative journey’ stories:)


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