Acrylic Pour 37

Acrylic Pour 37

One could be forgiven for thinking that I am somewhat confused – after all, isn’t Acrylic Pouring an ‘art’ technique, not a quilting or embroidery technique? True, but when you create a cross stitch pattern based on an acrylic pour design, then Acrylic Pour 37 Cross Stitch pattern belongs on my With Fabric and Threads website.

Yes, I agree Acrylic Pour 37 could do with a significant amout of improvement when it comes to a name for a design. Truth be told, I got really excited creating ‘acrylics pours’ and made a whole heap of them recently. I started numbering them consectutively and it became the ‘norm’. So, Acrylic Pour 37 it is :). If you would like to read more about my acrylic pouring ventures, head over to my other site

But, I digress – now, back to Acrylic Pour 37 Cross Stitch pattern.

Me, Myself and Cross Stitch

Ladies and Gentlemen
Ladies and Gentlemen

Like so many others, my venture into hand embroidery began with cross stitch. I remember buying fabric and threads for a pattern that I liked. In my infinite wisdom and excitement, I thought ‘I’ll do that tonight! Of course that would be after dinner and after my two, then pre-school aged children, went to bed! I ‘knew’ what I was doing didn’t I? I mean to say, I had done some dress making previously (quite a bit of dressmaking actually:)

Needless to say, I had no idea how long it would take, but I did finish it and get it framed. I called it “Ladies and Gentlemen” – shown at left.

I was hooked:) Hooked on cross stitch and hand embroidery of all types. Many years later, I gained a Teaching Certifcate in Hand Embroidery and a Teaching Certificate in Patchwork and Quilting. Somewhere in the middle of all that happening, I delved into and continue ‘delving’ into mixed media art and created Tangled Line Art. I also started designing my own embroidery and quilting patterns.



Acrylic Pour 37 – Cross Stitch Pattern

This is my most recent Cross Stitch pattern.

The pattern itself is ‘simple’ in that there are no partial cross stitches and no backstitch – just complete cross stitches. There are a significant number of colours in the design so that does make it more ‘complex’ in that respect. On the other hand, by the very nature of the design itself, if you do happen to make a mistake or two, nobody, not even your worst critic  aka – ‘yourself’ – is ever going to know! A real bonus:)

About The Pattern

Personally, I prefer to work from patterns using just black and white symbols. I do understand though, that others prefer to work from a chart showing the colours and the symbols. Whatever your preference, you can download either one or the other or both if you choose to purchase this pattern, available here at my Etsy store. Just to be clear, please be aware you would be purchasing a Cross Stitch patttern and instructions, not the completed framed cross stitch:)
Acrylic Pour 37 – B & W Symbols
Acrylic Pour 37 - Col. & Symbols
Acrylic Pour 37 – Col. & Symbols

The images at left shows a portion of each of the two types of charts included in your download. On my Etsy site, you will also be able to see the chart detailing the threads used in the design and the approximate finished size of the design on various ‘counts’ of fabric.

As always, Happy Stitching – for each of the projects you are working on – I know there is more than just the one project 🙂


Acrylic Pour 37

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