Book Covers, File Covers etc.

This is a bit of a ‘catch all’ category where I have added a variety of miscellaneous projects I have completed. A large portion of these are book and file covers.

Blackwork Book Cover
Blackwork Book Cover

The file covers came about as a result of -:

  • Wanting to present my Hand Embroidery Teaching Certificate notes and my Patchwork and Quilting Teaching Certificate notes in  nicely presented format and
  • It also gave me the opportunity of another way to present a completed project in a smaller format.

This is also the same for some of the ‘book covers’ e.g. the blackwork Book. A good way to showcase the completed blackwork embroidery itself as well as to a way present different original blackwork patterns for further blackwork projects. I have subsequently written a range of blackwork Patterns for purchase. You can see these designs here in My blackwork Gallery and or purchase them, as an immediate PDF download, from my Etsy Shop here.

Many of the other miscellaneous items in this gallery have been completed simply because I wanted to 🙂

Book Cover, File Covers etc. Gallery