My Embroidery Patterns Shop

Hello and welcome to my Embroidery Patterns Shop 🙂

I have loved hand embroidery for many years. There is something inately satisfying about completing something by hand i.e. the actual ‘stitching’ and completing a project. It isn’t so much how simple or complex the project is, it is the fact that ‘I’ completed the project. Yes, I love challenging myself to complete more complex projects but I also love the satisfaction of completing smaller, simple projects as well. Completing projects that I have designed myself adds a whole new level of satisfaction to the whole project. I love many forms of hand emboridery  but I am particularly drawn to the ‘counted thread’  embroideries, specifically Cross Stitch and Blackwork.

Full Cross Stitch instructions are included with each Cross Stitch pattern purchased. Full Blackwork instructions are included with each Blackwork pattern purchased.

Simple to More Complex Cross Stitch Designs

The Bali Mask patterns in my shop are comparatively simple projects. There is a limited number of colours and significant blocks of colour. Backstitch and a small amout of fractional stitches have been used to add detail and definition.

The ‘Great Composer’ series of patterns would also be able to be completed be a beginner. Each of the ‘Great Composer’ patterns is available in two sizes ‘Full Size’and ‘Half Size’. The ‘Full Size’ patterns average 60 x 80 stitches and the ‘Half Size’ patterns average 30 x 40 stitches. Each ‘Full Size ‘ pattern is available in four modern colourways within the one pattern. Each ‘Half Size’ pattern is available in four monochromatic colourways within the one pattern. Looking for more of a challenge? Why not stitch the same composer in all 4 different colourways? Alternatively, why not buy several ‘Composer’ patterns and stitch each one in the same colourway?

I am also creating a series of cross stitch patterns based on my Acrylic Pour designs. You can see the range of Acrylic Pour designs I have created to date on my Tangled Line Art website here. Cross Stitch patterns will be created based on a selected number of these designs. The Acrylic Pour cross stitch patterns are more challenging simply because of the number of different threads used. Don’t be put off by that though 🙂 These patterns are full cross stitch only – no fractional stitches and no backstitch. Even if you do add some stitches in the wrong thread colour – no worries, it won’t be obvious:). The ‘Cross Stitch’ police certainly aren’t going to be knocking on your door either…

Blackwork Patterns

You will also find a range of Blackwork Embroidery designs in my online shop. I love quilting as well so, not surprisingly, my Blackwork patterns are primarily based on quilting blocks. I try to make a point of creating and using a couple of new ‘filler’ designs in each new Blackwork pattern. Generally, the Blackwork patterns will be a little more challenging and will take longer to complete. The satisfaction of completing a larger, more challenging project is just ‘magical’ and well worth the time and effort 🙂

Patterns Also Available on Etsy

The full range of my embroidery patterns are currently available at my Etsy shop here. Over the coming weeks, I will add all the patterns to my Embroidery Shop here as well. You will then be able to make yhour purchases either directly from my Embroidery shop here or from my Etsy shop here, whichever is the easiest for you.

In the interests of full disclosure, if you purchase your items directly from my Embroidery Shop, they will be marginally cheaper than purchasing them through Etsy. I live in Australia where businesses are legally obliged to add 10% GST to the prices of most goods and services if the business earns over a specified gross annual income. As I do not earn anywhere near that amount, I am not required to add that 10% GST onto my prices. Etsy, on the other hand do earn over that amount so they are legally obliged to add the additional 10% GST to my prices.

Lastly, enjoy browsing through my shop and pop back in to say ‘Hi’ again shortly to see the full range of my patterns.