Acrylic Pour 4 For Featured Image

Acrylic Pour 4

Acrylic Pour 4
Acrylic Pour 4

Over the last several weeks, I have been creating multiple new patterns. I generally like to create in ‘Series’ and currently have several different series of designs that I am regularly adding new designs to. Acrylic Pour 4 in the newest design in my ‘Acrylic Pour’ series. These  patterns are cross stitch patterns. The patterns are ‘simple’ from the point of view that every stitch is a basic full cross stitch. There are no partial stitches and there is no back stitch involved.

Threads on Thread Bobbins
Threads on Thread Bobbins

The flip side of that is that the patterns do use a lot of colours of thread. There is a simple tip that I have found that works well for me when working designs with many threads. I have all my threads wound onto ‘thread bobbins’.  These little ‘guys’ shown at the right:) These are readily available where you purchase your embroidery threads. When you cut a length of thread and remove the strands that you want to use immediately, don’t leave the remaining threads loose in your embroidery box. Rewind the remaining threads back onto the thread bobbin. You  may think that you will know which thread is which but in all honesty, you won’t.  When  you are using multiple thread colours, it is inevitable that you will have colours that are similar. As you use the strands of thread from a cut length, the difference between the colours becomes less and less obvious. By winding the remainng strands back onto the thread bobbin, you are way less likely to end up using the wrong colour thread. An added bonus to that as well is that you don’t end up with a tangle of threads in your embroidery box:)

Purchase and Download Your Pattern Immediately

The images below show part of the actual chart you will receive along with part of the key for this particular design.  The key also gives you overall details of the details e.g. stitch count and finished design size. Acrylic Pour 4 is 78 stitches by 112 stitches. If it is worked on 14 count fabric, the finished design will be approximately 5 5/8″ x 8″. For ease of reading the pattern, I have intentially created this chart in black and white symbols only. Purchase and download your own copy of Acrylic Pour 4 cross stitch pattern here at my Etsy shop. Sart your new piece immediately – no waiting for patterns to arrive in the mail 🙂

Acrylic Pour 4 - Part Key
Acrylic Pour 4 – Part Key
Acrylic Pour 4 - Part Chart
Acrylic Pour 4 – Part Chart










I have also created new patterns for my Great Composer series, both Full Size and Half Size patterns. You can read detail about the ‘Full Size’ and ‘Half Size’ concept here. There are also new patterns on the way for my Blackwork Blocks series along with a new series that I called Blocks and Borders, a combination of Cross Stitch and Blackwork.

Check back in a few days to see my next ‘new pattern’:)

Acrylic Pour 4

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